Why Travelers Have More Fulfilling Lives

Jul 06 , 2019

Bridgette Hyde

Why Travelers Have More Fulfilling Lives

Exploring new places is a the top of all bucket list. It's hard to meet a person who doesn't have a desire to go somewhere for no reason than to just go explore. Yet, some people don't fulfill these deep desires. They make the standard excuses of work requirements, inadequate savings, and my favorite crazy excuse I hear "I'm not going unless I spend lots of time there". Let's set aside the excuses and solutions for another day another discussion. Today we study the attributes gained from a the courage spent traveling to new places and the resulting reward of fulfillment. Do you have the courage to pursuit the destinations that will bring you fulfillment, happiness, and joy?  


  • First off, when you accomplish a goal you are fulfilled and rewarded by yourself with compassion, gratitude, and joy. Having these feelings in your life are the exact ways to be fulfilled. Traveling and exploring new places takes dedication, focus, and endurance in goal setting skills. Frankly, most people are poor goal setters and achievers. This is level of reaching fulfillment. You must pass this level to proceed to the next stage of fulfillment and reward.  
Hats off to those "lucky ones" that set a goal, achieved it, and reaped the rewards of exploring new  land.  
  • Travelers work through emotions at a fast rate and generally have high emotional intelligence (EQ). Beginner to experienced travelers feel: 
afraid, alone, annoyed, bored, crushed, confused, crappy, depressed, deprived, disappointed, discouraged, dissatisfied, doubt, fatigue, fear, guilt, hesitancy, loneness, misunderstood, lost, nervous, overwhelmed, panic, restless, scared, sad, skeptical, tension, uncertain, uneasy, unconnected, unloved, wary, worried.  

    Yep, these brave explorers and conquerors' feel all kinds of (negative) emotions that are associated with negative energy but they move through these emotions faster than the average, faster than the non-traveler. Let's not move on without mentioning, of course, the travel experiences the full array of (positive) emotions, again at a fast rate and often resting in these positive feelings.   

    Emotional and Social Intelligence Coach Aalia taught me a huge lesson "You must work through your emotions, just like you work through the pains of sore muscles."  

    Until that moment I was resting in (negative) emotions, just letting (negative) emotions brew and grow like uncontrollable yeast! Until I was coached and learned how to move through these emotions just like I move through a set of sprint drills. This was a life changing lesson. As a result my life is more fulfilled because I can experience all kinds of emotions.  

    A happy and fulfilled life is not about controlling emotions or only experiencing a hand-picked selection of emotions or feelings. Instead fulfillment, peace, and enlightenment lead to a fairly consistent feeling of happiness because you have the ability to hold and release feelings as it serves you best. Travelers practice these methods as they move though cultures, danger zones, unparallel beauty, and meet people at fast rates. Practice does indeed make perfect...or at least leads to highly developed skills.  

    •  No matter what the reason the traveler sets off on this journey to explore one significant result is relationship development with self, others, cultures, Earth, and possessions. Relationships change, they wax and wane with the cycles of the universe. Change is easy when you ask for it with a plane ticket. But upon arrival or even departure change is happening. Often travelers are not seeking change but change is the hidden treasure. Travelers express this relationship change in a variety of ways. Some converse about the history lessons, connection to Earth and spirits, discovery of inspiring art and architecture, crossing boundaries with new foods and flavors, pressing limits in physical pursuits or healing the soul. Even though the subject changes the traveler shares a common bond of relating to the gained knowledge and feelings. The epiphany  that most of the world is the same comes from the live experience (not from reading this blog).  

     Travelers discover what's different and relate with compassion, empathy, and soul. The ego drops out or becomes small and the soul shines. The natural character of self is revealed and breathes. Nothing is more fulfilling than letting your soul shine!  

    This is the journey of the traveler. The reward is living a fulfilling life. The journey never ends! Every trip is a continuation of the last and a completely new mission. I wish you well on your next trip. May it be a long strange trip, may it not be your last, may it end quickly, and may it continue forever.  


     Fulfilled, adj., satisfied or happy because of fully developing one's abilities or character. 



    Emotional and Social Intelligence Coach Aalia 




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