What do you wear hiking in the rain?

Jul 03 , 2019

Bridgette Hyde

What do you wear hiking in the rain?

It's not going to rain on YOU, it really only rains on ME.

Out of curiosity you ask me, "How do I survive in the rain?"

The top 5 tips to stay dry and comfortable while it rains. 

Just like you are reading this tip sheet, your head will be down when it rains. The clouds and rain take away the views so no reason to look up and rain on the face just isn't something generally welcomed. My number one killer tip that took me a long time to learn...

1. Wear a hat with a brim, like a baseball hat. Put your hood on over the hat and the water from the hood won't drip down your face and jacket. 

2. Rain jackets are technical gear. It's not just a piece of clothing. This jacket does the function of keeping rain water rolling off your arms and shoulders and on to the ground. Your jacket needs zipper pockets and the best will have a rain flap covering the zipper. A chest pocket is always worth it because even in the rain you will want to take a camera in and out of the pocket. The jacket needs to breath. You cannot stay dry on the inside when your body produces warmth and condensation forms on the inside. The jacket fabric has to be technically designed to release the body heat and avoid the sticky wetness inside. Otherwise you can save your money and wear a trash bag. 

This year I bought my 5th rain jacket. Finally spending the money to get the jacket that has the right functions and style. Marmot is my favorite pick! 

3. Rain pants or shorts depend on the climate and your distance. In the mountains the rain is always cold, no matter the Andes or Montana or Georgia. When I run for the afternoon, running shorts dry fast and my legs can tolerate the cold rain. When I take a multi-day back country trek I always bring my Gortex rain pants. 

Rain pants are just like the jackets. They must breathe. After ten years of suffering, I finally bought a proper functioning pant with full leg zippers and breathable fabric. Hiking in the rain is infinitely better now, even though the pants are expensive. 

4. Water proof shoes! The water proof shoes will help you get through the puddles and quickly forming water streams. I've learned you can't simply jump over all of it and the shoes take care of the rest.

If you wear shorts your socks will eventually get wet because the water drips down your legs and into your socks. Carrying an extra pair of socks is granted for a multi-day trek but not as common on a day run/hike. Ring out your socks as often as it makes sense. 

5. Rain gloves are my second killer tip. The rain is cold. If you are holding trekking sticks your hands are the prime target for the rain and will get stiff and cold soon. Then it's hard to operate the camera and then your mood begins to drop. Avoid all of that non-sense with a pair of water-resistant light weight gloves for most rainy climates. These light weight gloves will also serve as the first pair under a larger full water proof mitten for snow sports. 


A purchase from my recommendations supports a single woman surviving before homelessness, poverty and divorce ruin. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you and your consideration. I know you have many choices.  

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