Let Go Of These 2 Things To Have Happiness

Dec 15 , 2019

Bridgette Hyde

Let Go Of These 2 Things To Have Happiness

Propose the question "do you WANT to be right OR do you want to be happy"?

The greatest pain that resides in my life this year is that I want to be right. Last year, I would respond to that question with a "both" and let out laugh. But in today’s self-care knowledge, I recognize that I deeply want to be happy right now.

Truly, I want to let go of the negative thoughts that are hurting me and keeping me in the darkness, ego, stuck, resentment, hostile vibes. I keep breaking vows with myself that I promise to live in the light and I obsess how the darkness beckons me.

I’m going through a massive phase of letting go. And right now I have to **let go of being right** so that I could have happiness.

#1 Let Go of Being Right

Letting go of right means letting go of that I married the right guy. It means that I can let go of an overburdened sense of SELF trust that I married the right guy and the divorce is just convenient. 

Right: that I married the right guy
Right: that I know what love is
Right: that I can trust my self decisions

Right: ___(fill in your answer)_________


#2 Let Go of the concept: All Or Nothing.

The dramatic side of me believes you HAVE all or nothing and always WISHING for both. In this case, you only have to let go of the part that says

"I was totally right and now I have nothing. And open the spirit to receive the self caring forgiveness and compassion and then stay open to receive the happiness."

For me it sounds like this, as example:

Actively letting go of the script:

"I was right, I married the right guy. I forgive him because I'm trained to. But I don't forgive myself because I was right and now I have nothing. I lost everything including my self trust."

And that’s full resistance to staying in the peaceful joyous light and spirit. I revisit the darkness because the ego traps into me into believing I am right at an all or nothing fashion.

After letting go of that script,

Next: stay open in heart and spirit to find the happiness in the present moment and acknowledge the future includes happiness.

Summary: If you let go of being RIGHT about all of it, Then you can move forward to forgive yourself and move on to HAPPINESS.

Today's practice mantra: I ground myself and focus on letting go of being right in all or nothing fashion so I can forgive myself and be happy living in the land of light, self trust and spirit.


Dedicated to Virginia Nava, transformation gift school specialist, and my shaman. Thank you! @VirginiaNava or https://www.facebook.com/thetransformativepower/

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