How to find joy in running, 3 simple steps

Jul 05 , 2019

Bridgette Hyde

How to find joy in running, 3 simple steps

Believe it or not running is a natural form of movement for the human. Finding joy in running is easier than you think. Pretending that you were not made for running is just like pretending unicorns do exist. Unless you were born in a wheelchair, you were running as a child. At some point you stopped running and today you struggle with the reason why to run at all. Let's shed some light on this super easy activity and see if you can get one step closer to finding joy while in motion.


Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. This type of feeling can be obtained when you are purposeful in your actions and intentions.  Toss aside your reason for running for the moment (because I'm sure the reasons fit a pretty normal list of health and weight loss, etc) and let's focus on your intention in the moments of running. While running you need only think about 3-4 things. The simplicity brings great joy in being able to not think about all the other things that disrupt happiness. 

1. Move the arms. Pump the arms. Keep the torso steady and move the arms from the shoulder pivot joint. 

2. Move the feet. One foot then the other foot. The feet follow the arms, as necessary go back to focus on moving the arms. 

3. Breathe. Take in the air from the nose and let it out through the mouth. Just keep breathing how ever you get the air. You are supposed to be breathing at a faster rate than normal because you are running so no judgement! Find a rhythm by counting: inhale 1-2, exhale 1-2, inhale 1-2, exhale 1-2. 

4. Eyes open and caution. Watch out for cars, dogs, others, things to trip on. It's a really beautiful zen moment when you are just running while watching the other things move in the world too and you can navigate around. Weather you are in the zen moment or not you are responsible for your own safety so be present in the moment for hazards

Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally,” says Kabat-Zinn. ... The Basics of Mindfulness Practice.

Love yourself. 

You are running, you are moving, you are training for the Olympics, you are trying to beat diabetes. No matter what "you are" in a relationship with yourself. Treat yourself kindly, show yourself love and compassion for the good deed of running and you will find joy and happiness in the activity of running.  


To be running is an action, a repetitive action that is continuous until stopped. Every step you take, every time you swing the arms, every inhale breath while in the action of running is THE achievement. Honor your achievement in the moment, no need to wait for the run to be over, this is the very moment you are achieving your purpose and intentions. Accomplishments and achievements are know causes for feeling great joy, happiness, and self confidence.  


Finding joy while running is very possible. Finding joy while doing anything is possible and it all starts with a mindful intention. Oddly enough there are very few conversations about how to judge yourself into misery but yet it comes so easily. Being mindful, loving yourself, and honoring your achievements are so simple it took me a long time to discern where and how I find joy in running. But I promise you I have never found joy in running while shaming myself, judging my every step, or purposeful in my self-demise. 

Take a run today. After your run I would love to hear about the joy you found while implementing these three concepts. Leave us a comment. 



Photo credits: Bridgette Hyde + selfie stick tripod


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