How to find the cheapest air tickets

Jul 04 , 2019

Bridgette Hyde

How to find the cheapest air tickets

I certainly understand how expensive it is to get out of the city and into the backcountry recreation centers. Where I go actually doesn't matte to me since most of the world is on my interested places to go list. Eventually, I will get everywhere so I pick the next place based on cheap airline tickets and best exchange rates.

Traveling on the season cusip saves tons of money in airline fares and hotel rates. Beware outdoor travel on cusip season generally means you are subject to if-y weather and you must travel with great rain gear. (Check out the rain gear notes here.)

Here are my top 3 sites I use to find the cheapest place for peace of mind and outdoor fun. 

1. Google flights. Zoom out and just scan for the cheapest place from your departing city.

2. Book flights on Tues and Wed. Travel on Tues and Wed. 

3. Book directly on airline carrier website